Prolates Level Pilates Classes

The Prolates classes aim to build on the foundation of deep core strength you have developed in Pilates for Growlates. Here you will work through further levels of Pilates exercises for a more challenging workout while maintaining application of the 5 key elements. In the Prolates classes Pilates you will increase the use of small pieces of equipment such as weights, balls and magic circles to push the deep core musculature and pelvic support muscle system to its maximum level.

This class is also suitable for you if you have done Pilates before and are confident with applying the 5 key elements to the basic Pilates exercises. If you are thinking of attending Pilates to increase your sporting performance, you would find it beneficial to attend a Growlates class to learn the basics before joining the Prolates level class.

If you would like to join our Prolates level Pilates classes you can call 0330 088 5778 or email us at to book a place today.

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Growlates Classes

Our Pilates for Growlates class is ideal for those who are new to the Pilates concept. Classes are ran by one of our senior physiotherapists.

Pilates class sitting down on mats whilst stretching their legs