Pilates for Climbers

Pilates is an essential adjunct to wall climbers to increase their trunk, pelvic and extremity strength and endurance to aid with optimal performance on the climbing walls. Greater body control on the walls allows for increased performance and decreased risk of injury.

Climbers using Pilates skills.

How it works

Pilates works by increasing the strength and control of your stability muscles which provide you with the support you need when climbing. These muscles include your deep core stabilisers, deep neck flexors, gluteal muscles and shoulder stabilising muscles. Increasing the strength of these muscles aids with posture, stability, and strength to allow you to optimise your performance when climbing. Pilates corrects your muscle imbalances so that you can be in equilibrium when climbing. Pilates increases flexibility, allowing you to reach higher, stretch longer and feel better when climbing. Flexibility not only helps you perform better but it also aids with injury prevention.

Pilates is for all climbing levels, from the athlete who is new to climbing to someone who has been climbing for years. Our exercises can be adapted and progressed for all levels using our specialised pilates equipment and progression of Pilates exercises.

The Benefits of Physiolates for climbers:

  • Inner and outer core muscle strengthening- for example transverse abdominis in addition to the abdominal and oblique muscles for a powerful central base
  • Neck, arm, and shoulder strengthening for a strong upper body when climbing
  • Hip and leg muscle strengthening for greater power of movement on the walls
  • Global muscle flexibility to reduce muscle tension and/or increase range of movement
  • Improve postural alignment to optimise your muscle contractility
  • Reduce risk of injury to continue performing at your best
  • Increase mental focus and body awareness
  • Meet other like-minded people in your class

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