Pilates for Chronic Pain

Pilates is a frequently used treatment technique used by physiotherapists to treat various types of chronic pain. Chronic pain is the term used to describe prolonged painful episodes (usually defined as 3 months or more.) Chronic pain develops when constant pain signals are sent to the brain resulting in the brain becoming over-sensitised to the painful region of the body.

Our physiotherapists at Manchester Physio often treat chronic pain with a combination of treatment methods such as manual therapy, electrotherapy and, of course, Pilates exercises.

How it works

Pilates exercises for chronic pain work by enhancing the primary muscular support system of the body, to offload the joints and important structures of the body, ultimately leading to a reduction of pain. Exercises begin with core activation before incorporating upper and lower limb movement to challenge the core and build muscle strength.

Pilates is perfect for chronic pain sufferers because it increases muscle strength through low impact and controlled floor based exercises which can be adapted to suit your ability and needs. The variation of Pilates exercise keeps it an interesting and enjoyable way of managing or reducing your pain. Pilates also works by helping the brain to concentrate on using the body as a whole and stops the brain from focusing on painful areas.

Conditions Treated

Pilates can be helpful in treating long-standing chronic pain conditions such as:

Benefits of Pilates for Chronic Pain

Benefits of Pilates for Chronic pain include:

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