Pilates for Core Strength

Pilates is a well-known exercise regime which focuses on increasing the strength of the deep core muscles. Pilates took off as an effective form of exercise in the US, spreading quickly through the dance industry. Pilates was used to treat injuries and improve performance, and has since evolved into a popular form of exercise and therapy used worldwide.


How it works

The inner core muscles are set deep in the trunk and act as a supportive corset around the spine. Pilates works by exercising these deep core muscles through controlled movements and use of small equipment such as balls, resistance bands and magic circles. Strengthening the deep core muscles creates a strong central base for the body which acts to support major joints, reduce pain and improve posture.

Pilates takes you on a journey from New & Improving to Pilates Pros, with exercises being modified and progressed as your core strength increases. We offer sessions on a 1:1 basis, as well as our beginner/intermediate (Growlates) and advanced (Prolates) classes.

Benefits of Pilates for Core Strength

There are many benefits of Pilates for core strength including:

Jess's Story, I came to pialtes classes because I have a slipped disk in my low back and i was told that it would be good for my back.

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