Kasia Kolodziejczyk - Sports Therapist & Physiolates Instructor

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I completed an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy and I am a qualified sports therapist. I am also trained Pilates instructor. My interest in Pilates first started when I quit competitive swimming and switched to triathlon. It was a big challenge for me as my joints and muscles were not prepared for high impact activity like running. Pilates helped me to improve stability of my joints, strengthen the deep core muscles and polish my running technique.

After years of exercising Pilates, I run and move in an ergonomic and efficient way, staying free from injuries. What I particularly value in Pilates is that it suits everyone, no matter if you are a professional or amateur athlete, whether you suffer from injury or just want to feel more energised and balanced! That is why I am passionate about teaching it and I believe that everyone should have an access to that knowledge.

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