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Pilates for Those With Chronic Pain / Fibromyalgia

Do you suffer with chronic pain?  Have you been suffering for years and feel like you’re not able to exercise/perform your activities of daily living like you used to?  Chronic pain can be a very debilitating, demoralizing and stressful.  Research has shown that moderate exercise actually HELPS people that suffer with chronic pain.  It has […]

Stressed? Pilates is Best!

As a nation, we’re stressed out! And stress takes its toll by negatively affecting our hormones and immune system with chronic elevation of a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol is a necessary hormone useful in those occasional circumstances when we need the extra oomph to get us going. But chronically elevated levels of this hormone […]

Stability (The Best Exercises)

Welcome back for part 2 of our ‘best of’ Pilates exercise lists, where we recommend our top 5 exercises for specific problems. We’ve already covered posture and strength, and this time round we’ll be covering flexibility and stability.Stability When we talk about stability in the world of Pilates, we’re talking about Joseph Pilates’ key principles […]

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