Category: Pregnancy

Pilates for Expectant Mothers

Pilates is a form of exercise that helps strengthen your tummy, pelvic floor, and back muscles. Pilates encourages an overall improvement in strength, coordination, and flexibility which helps to reduce pain and instability and improve posture.  Pilates also helps to control your breathing to help encourage full relaxation-something us pregnant women always need work on. […]

Pilates for New Mums

Pilates is becoming a very popular and effective form of exercise used by new mums. Pilates for new mums, or post-natal Pilates, will focus on regaining core strength and control as well as correcting posture, improving your pelvic floor strength and reducing back pain after carrying your little one for 9 months and continuing to […]

Pilates and Pregnancy

“A match made in heaven”– Anonymous “The ultimate dream team”– Also Anonymous “It’s alright, I guess”– Anonymous Pregnant Lady These many famous things have been said about the relationship enjoyed by pregnancy and Pilates, and all of them are made up. They are very well suited, though, with Pilates helping to prevent and treat many […]

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