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Pilates for Golfers – Pilates to improve strength and flexibility

Pilates can improve strength and flexibility of a golfer. It is important for all athletes and sports people to maintain a strong core in order to maximise performance and prevent injury. Maintaining appropriate strength and control throughout the body is important when participating in a sport that requires good posture – I’m thinking of all […]

Pilates for Climbers

Do you enjoy wall climbing?!  Have you always found joy in getting to the top of those coloured indoor rock climbing walls or do you enjoy the outdoors and climbing out in nature?  Do you enjoy a challenge and always strive to tackle the next hardest wall?  Have you been struggling recently or are you […]

Pilates for Athletic Performance

No Men Allowed? I think that as a rule of thumb, most blokes are put off the idea of taking up a form of exercise like Pilates, dismissing it as being an airy-fairy, and that it’s mostly women who do it. They don’t feel as though it would be enough of a challenge for them, […]

Top 5 Pilates Exercises… for Runners!

With the start of the 2016 Olympics looming ahead of us, we look at how Pilates training may be incorporated to provide an event-specific improvement in performance. This blog will look at 5 Top Pilates Exercises for Runners.  Why would Pilates help? As we know, Pilates is a multi-faceted method of exercise that challenges practically every […]

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