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Pilates for Incontinence

Are you getting up to the toilet constantly and always in fear of leakage? Incontinence or the lack of control of urine outflow can be a very stressful and anxiety provoking matter. No one wants to live a life where they are in constant fear of leaking. Did you know that something can be done […]

Top 5 Exercises to Improve Your Glut Strength

What is a gluteal muscle Glut this glut that, but what is a gluteal muscle?  Often people throw out the muscle glut but don’t necessarily even know what they mean, where it is or even how to strengthen it.  There are three gluteal muscles in the body.  Gluteus maximus, often referred to our bottom muscle; […]

Top 5 Exercises for Toning/Body Shape

Have you always wanted that perfect beach body?  Have you tried various forms of exercise and dieting without any success? With summer just around the corner many people have asked me “how can I get toned?” and “how do I get a beach body?”  The answer is simple ……….… Pilates!   Pilates is great for […]

Pilates for Climbers

Do you enjoy wall climbing?!  Have you always found joy in getting to the top of those coloured indoor rock climbing walls or do you enjoy the outdoors and climbing out in nature?  Do you enjoy a challenge and always strive to tackle the next hardest wall?  Have you been struggling recently or are you […]

Pilates for the Office Worker

Do you work 9-5 (or even longer!) behind a computer?  Do you find after a long day’s work you have sore shoulders, tight muscles and a heavy neck?  Has posture been something you have struggled with at work for years?  Pilates may be just what you need to help rid of those aches and pains […]

Pilates for Dancers Who Want to Perfect Their Performance

Hello, fellow dancers! Have you ever been frustrated by being unable to perform the perfect dance move? Or been set back in training due to recurring injuries? Well, I may have a solution for you! I have taken part in many forms of dancing – tap, jazz, ballet, modern, and even Irish dancing! All are […]

What is Pilates?

What is Pilates, and why should I be doing it? Pilates is a form of exercise, designed to improve the overall health of individuals, to either prevent injuries or help recovery following them. It’s also a great way of maintaining health in someone who’s already fit and healthy. Pilates specifically targets the smaller stability muscles […]

Posture (The Best Exercises)

There are hundreds (hopefully you’ll understand this pun by the end of these ‘best of’ posts!) of Pilates exercises that physiotherapists and instructors can choose from, and each one provides specific benefits for your mind and body. This post will list our top 5 most recommended exercises for common goals and problems that we encounter […]

The Best Pilates Exercises to Improve Your Flexibility

Welcome back for part 2 of our ‘best of’ Pilates exercise lists, where we recommend our top 5 exercises for specific problems. We’ve already covered posture and strength, and this time round we’ll be covering flexibility and stability.Tight muscles and joints become sore and painful muscles and joints much more easily than flexible ones, and […]

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