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What is Core Strength?

What is core strength and why do I need it? When a person talks about having a strong core, the majority of us will immediately think of having a six-pack, and the thousands of crunches and planks it has taken to get it. Patients will often come for treatment with the knowledge that having a […]

Pilates for Climbers

Do you enjoy wall climbing?!  Have you always found joy in getting to the top of those coloured indoor rock climbing walls or do you enjoy the outdoors and climbing out in nature?  Do you enjoy a challenge and always strive to tackle the next hardest wall?  Have you been struggling recently or are you […]

Benefits of a Pilates Private Session

Personal approach: Private Sessions are designed to be specific to YOU.  From the moment you walk into the session, to when you walk out the Pilates is about tailoring a program to your needs.  Each muscle group is assessed for its strength, endurance and effectiveness.  Ever wonder if the exercises that you’re doing are targeting […]

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