Pilates for Golfers – Pilates to improve strength and flexibility

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Pilates can improve strength and flexibility of a golfer. It is important for all athletes and sports people to maintain a strong core in order to maximise performance and prevent injury. Maintaining appropriate strength and control throughout the body is important when participating in a sport that requires good posture – I’m thinking of all you golfers out there!

Whether you are twisting and turning your body when swinging your club or leaning over to collect your ball, you are putting your body under a certain level of load each time you play (and that’s without mentioning that these are repetitive movements performed many times in one round of golf).

Over time, if we fail to train and improve our control of these repetitive movements, we may be prone to developing issues such as muscular imbalance, repetitive strain injuries such as golfers elbow or even general aches and pains that can reduce our enjoyment of our sporting activities such as golf.

If you could hit the ball further, more accurately all the while reducing your risk of injury, would that be something you would be interested in?  If I told you that participating in Pilates to improve your strength and control could help you achieve this, would you sign up? Yes? Well that’s what I thought!

Pilates exercise

Why Pilates?

That is an excellent question. Why is Pilates beneficial for golfers? What is it about the exercises you do that can improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury?

Pilates exercises can be specifically adapted to include the most appropriate and effective exercises for golfers that will help maximise your sporting performance and make you more body aware. The foundations of Pilates are based on movement, strength and control from our core, those skills that are a key component of the shots you will perform during a round of golf.

A lack of core strength is one of the most common factors which may predispose us to injury when playing golf. Improving core strength through Pilates can help improve flexibility and movement in the hips, shoulders and back as well as reduce muscular or flexibility imbalances, ensuring your body moves and functions as it should when under load.

And the benefits?

If everything I have just said isn’t enough, there are plenty more added benefits. After attending a course of Pilates classes you should expect to see:

Some golf specific benefits of Pilates include:

As a golfer it is important you look after your body in order to continue playing golf for as long as you desire. Pilates can be used as an effective tool to prevent factors such as muscular imbalance, loss of range of movement or increased pain.

Attending regular Pilates classes can offer many benefits including improved posture, better concentration, a more efficient swing and reduced risk of injury, all essential in maximising performance and allowing your body to continue to play golf with little to no issues.

If Pilates is something you never really thought about, but now feel you want to give it a try, book in with one of our highly experienced Physiolates instructors to discover the benefits yourself!

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