Pilates at Home!

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Pilates at home

Find it hard to juggle your working hours with Pilates classes? Tired of traveling to and from the gym?

Pilates in the comfort of your own home couldn’t sound better right?…. Especially on a cold and rainy day.


Performing Pilates at home is easy and simple, all you need is yourself! Personally, all I use for Pilates at home is a small head-board and a thin Pilates mat, but even they aren’t essential.

Performing Pilates in the home is an excellent way of obtaining your daily exercise when you’re short on time. The elimination of travel time means you have more time to perform your exercises in a slow and controlled manner while you’re waiting for the washing machine to finish its cycle or for your dinner to finish cooking.

When I perform Pilates at home, I select my exercises based upon where I am weak. This means for me many of my home based Pilates exercises focus on improving the strength and stability in my hip muscles. Therefore, I have developed a number of Pilates routines which includes lots of clam and sidekick exercises!


There are a number of benefits of performing Pilates at home which include;

Physiolates physiotherapist or sports therapist instructors provide private Pilates within the home. One of our experienced and personable instructors can visit you at home to develop and teach you an individualised Pilates exercise programme.

You can make Pilates for the home even more fun by inviting friends along! Physiolates cater for 1:1, 2:1 or 3 :1 sessions.


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