Pilates for Those With Neurological Conditions

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Do you suffer from a neurological impairment? Does exercise/physio or just getting out makes you feel better?  Have you considered taking part in formal exercise?

Despite what people think Pilates is not just beneficial for those who want to strengthen themselves but has many other benefits including relaxation, postural development, balance, proprioception and mind/body awareness.  Do you struggle with any of these?  Below you can see just how mat based Pilates can be of benefit to you!

Pilates for neuro conditions

Improving Mindfulness

Often with neurological conditions comes decreased mindfulness and awareness of the body’s position in space or proprioception.  Pilates makes it easier to process your joint alignment through slow, controlled movements.  The Pilates 5 key elements allow you to focus on the proper alignment of your body as you perform each exercise with the purpose of it being to aid the brains’ ability to talk to the body appropriately.  


Pilates also helps restore balance.  Ever feel like you’re constantly losing your balance?  Does this make you hesitate to go out in fear of embarrassment?  Or are you just sick of losing your balance and even falling at times?  Pilates is just the thing for you!  Not only does it work on those key muscles to help maintain your balance(like your deep core), but it helps your body speak to the brain; a key part of standing upright!

Stress Reducer and Improving Energy

Ever think of exercise as a stress reducer or energy booster?  Do you find that you suffer from chronic fatigue?  With any neurological condition, the body is often working overtime to compensate for any weakness, stiffness or malalignment.  With this work, fatigue is often a factor; whether it be mental or physical.  Matwork Pilates focuses on proper breathing techniques, allowing increased oxygen intake; an essential for improved physical and mental energy as well as for calming the body.  With focused breathing and Pilates relaxation techniques, you are sure to walk out of any class more relaxed!

Pilates for neuro conditions

Increase muscle length, joint range of motion and strength

Pilates matwork based exercises put an emphasis on exercises that create length and strengthen muscles.  All exercises are low impact on your joints, meaning you can move without fear of pain while improving strength and mobility. With strength and mobility, comes improved balance and coordination.  Check out the exercises below to help you with your muscle length and strength!

Top 3 exercises for those with neurological disorders:


If you suffer from increased muscle bulk or tone in your shoulders and/or mid back; this exercise is for you!  As you reach up and grow tall through your arms, contract your upper shoulder muscles and then allow them to relax-you are sure to find the weight of the world lift off.  

One Leg stretch:

This exercise is a great one to help with strength, flexibility, and coordination.  As you stretch your opposite arm and leg back you are allowing your body to stretch those muscles while maintaining the body’s proper alignment and challenging your coordination.

Hip Twist:

This exercise is the perfect one to work on your core and hip stabilisers while challenging coordination and stability.  It may look easy, but trust me, it’s harder than it looks if you are doing it correctly.  

Pilates for neuro conditions

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