Pilates for Those With Chronic Pain / Fibromyalgia

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Do you suffer with chronic pain?  Have you been suffering for years and feel like you’re not able to exercise/perform your activities of daily living like you used to?  Chronic pain can be a very debilitating, demoralizing and stressful.  Research has shown that moderate exercise actually HELPS people that suffer with chronic pain.  It has been proven that it aids with pain, endurance, anxiety and mood!  Still nervous about exercising?  Did you know matwork based and physiolates in particular is low impact exercise that focuses on each muscle group individually, ensuring that you are not injuring yourself when you exercise!  Physiolates is also physiotherapist lead, meaning you have those trained professionals that know the human body best.img_8018-minHow can Pilates help?

Everything that is done in Pilates is done at an individual level and only to your bodies capacity.  It is controlled with specific exercises that are safe and effective, allowing your body to release those unwanted toxins as you move while strengthening your muscles to be able to perform activities with decreased pain.

All Pilates exercises are broken down into levels so that you feel comfortable with every move you do.  The exercises are specifically designed to allow your bodies slings to work optimally and in coordination with one another.  When our muscles start to move in synergy we find that our body is working more effectively.

Chronic pain can have a large psychological impact; affecting your mood, anxiety and depression.  No one likes being in pain constantly and only YOU know how you’re feeling.  It’s hard to be trapped in an ongoing cycle of pain and feeling helpless.  You don’t need to feel like that all the time. Get your body moving and give pilates a try!  See if this mat work form of exercise is what you need to make you feel back to your old self again!

What exercises are most beneficial for you?Pilates for mumsCorkscrew:

The corkscrew is the best exercise to help release all those unwanted stresses and anxieties.  As you reach up for the ceiling, growing tall and elongating your spine you allow your body to stretch.  You then contract the area that we carry most of our stress on a day to day basis and end the exercise by relaxing those same muscles.  This exercise gives your body the perfect combination of contracting and relaxing allowing your muscles and body to completely de-stress

Roll down:

Often with chronic pain, our body does not speak to our brain in the manner that we want it to, giving us those unwanted pains.  That being said the roll down exercise is perfect for just that.  In standing you are asking your spine to unravel one segment at a time, allowing your brain to connect and speak to your back/spine segmentally.  At first it may seem difficult and your spine may move as one piece, but with practice it is sure to improve!


Another great one to start to get that brain talking to your body! This gets all of your muscular slings to start talking to each other as you elevate yourself into a bridge position.  It helps get your muscles working in a pain-free range, safely and effectively.

So don’t let that pain get the best of you, sign up and give pilates a try!group_1

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