Pilates for Those With Pain

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Are you someone that has chronic pain?  Have you just been dealing with it, hoping it will go away one day, but doing nothing about it?  Do you like to exercise, but are afraid that it will make your pain worse?  Did you want to do something about it?  Did you want to strengthen your body, so that you know you’re at your greatest potential?  Did you want to wake up in the morning feeling good?

Have you considered Physiolates? Physiolates is Pilates taught by a trained Physiotherapist. This means that you have a Pilates instructor that is able to modify exercises to prevent further injury/pain and to help strengthen those muscles that could prevent your pain.img_8006-min

So why Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise, designed to improve the overall health of individuals, to either prevent injuries or help recovery following them. Pilates specifically targets the smaller stability muscles throughout the body, which often becomes weak or inactive through our daily lives, leading to poor postures and an increased likelihood of injury. Re-awakening these muscles and improving their endurance can be hugely beneficial in improving sporting
performance and movement efficiency.  Pilates also aims to provide mental focus and relaxation, promoting an overall sense of wellbeing.suitable for pilates

Take your health into your own hands, you too can exercise without worrying about pain!  

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Below are the top 3 Pilates Exercises for you:

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