Benefits of a Pilates Private Session

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Personal approach:

1-2-1-classes-nuggetPrivate Sessions are designed to be specific to YOU.  From the moment you walk into the session, to when you walk out the Pilates is about tailoring a program to your needs.  Each muscle group is assessed for its strength, endurance and effectiveness.  Ever wonder if the exercises that you’re doing are targeting your weak muscles? Or have an injury that you want to prevent from re-occurring? Well wonder no more!  With a Pilates Private Session, not only are you assessed for specific weakness, but you are taught exercises that can specifically target them and prevent future injuries!


pregnancy-indexAre you one of those people that don’t like working out in front of others? Someone who would never be seen in a gym, but want to work on your strength and endurance?  Pilate’s private sessions are perfect for you.  In a one to one private session it is only you and your Pilates instructor in a room, for one hour working on improving the strength of YOUR body and preventing any unnecessary injuries. It may also be the setting for you if you have sensitive issues that you may not want to raise in a class.

Boost your Confidence before joining a class:

Man crouched on mat doing pilatesDoing Pilates for the first time can sometimes be daunting; a private session can help boost your confidence and teach you the key elements prior to entering a class for the first time.  You can feel more confident with your exercises, and performing them properly prior to entering a group setting.

Jump Start Your Own Routine:

img_7973Feel that you need something to get you going with your new year’s resolution. Feel like you keep setting the same goals but getting nowhere?  Well a private Pilates session can help jump start your own personal gym routine.  With Pilates trained physiotherapist at your fingertips, you can take advantage of their vast knowledge of anatomy and injury and their love for Pilates to help you start your own personal strengthening/injury prevention routine.

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