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We deliver physiotherapist led Pilates in Manchester city centre and Liverpool city centre that produces positive results to meet our client's individual needs and goals.

Physiolates - Pilates in Manchester and Liverpool

Physiolates is a popular service run by our highly experienced physiotherapists in Manchester and Liverpool. We provide private and group Pilates sessions in your home, your work and at our studios in Manchester City Centre and Liverpool city centre. Our friendly therapists tailor your Pilates experience to suit your needs and achieve your own personal goals.

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Physiolates offer classes, home and work visit services.

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At Physiolates, we provide Pilates classes to suit everyone.

Medium size Pilates class using dumbells during an excercise

About Us

About Us

Physiolates is a well-developed service ran by highly qualified physiotherapists.

One-to-one Pilates balancing session

Class Times

Class Times

We have a range from different Pilates classes available to suit all levels.

Use of resistance bands during a Pilates class

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Book Now!

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Pilates Types

Pilates Types

Types of pilates include clinical, sport and pregnancy.

Pilates Instructer showing a class the correct usage of resistant bands
Pilates Instructer showing a class the correct usage of resistant bands

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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise designed to increase muscle strength and flexibility in order to decrease pain, improve posture and overall muscle tone. The exercises focus on the development of deep core muscle strength to give you a strong central base for movement and function - enhancing both day-to-day and sporting activity.

Your physiotherapist or sports therapists will teach you how to activate your deep core muscles and ensure you apply the key elements of Pilates correctly to ensure you get the most out of your session. Pilates exercises include use of small equipment such as balls, resistance bands and magic circles to keep your workout fun and different each time.

Benefits of Pilates

Benefits of Pilates include:

  • Increased core strength
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved posture
  • Enhanced well-being
  • Increased power in sports
  • Increased accuracy in sports
  • Greater speed of recovery post injury
  • Excellent for relaxation
  • Fun for all!

Our Physiotherapy led Pilates classes are held in our studios across Manchester and Liverpool. Private sessions can be held in our clinics, in your home or in your workplace.

Free Taster Sessions!

Unsure if Pilates is right for you? Try a free Pilates taster session at any of our Manchester or Liverpool locations.

At Physiolates we have worked with a wide range of professional clients.

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Find out what our patients think about Physiolates

A montage of Physiolates' happy customers.

See what our clients have to say about their visit to Physiolates!

Pauline Snowdon

Hayley is THE BEST physiolates teacher. Since starting my weekly sessions with her at Rodney st, back in November 2017, my lower back pain has greatly reduced as my core strength has improved. Her classes are challenging yet fun and she explains and models the ...

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Amy Rose Hawkyard

I came to a Pilates class where Stacey Jenion was teaching and the level of detail and accuracy she goes in to about your body and the correct positioning, through a wide range of exercises is really enjoyable and beneficial. It is a great class ...

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Claire McGinn

I really enjoy the small group sessions and find that the facilitators have all been very helpful and tailored exercises to suit different abilities. They are extremely diligent and quick to check positions to ensure the exercises are done by each of us correctly. After ...

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Nooria Noory Shah

I have been to 3 or 4 different teachers in London and Manchester, and Kate's by far the best I've worked with! She knows what each individual needs. I'm also not one to write reviews online, but I enjoy her classes so much that I ...

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Andrea Melding

Jodie is a fantastic physiolates teacher. The class sizes aren't too big so she is able to give individual hands on feedback when needed. She also adapts the exercises for any abilities in the same class. I have only been to three sessions and already ...

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Bells Davey

I came to Physiolates after a l4/5 discectomy in my lower back at the recommendation of my Physio. I've always been active, play sport and do strength work in the gym but Physiolates has really helped me to improve my core and glute strength incredibly ...

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Janet Spurway

I've been coming to Pilates classes here for nearly two years now and have found them to be a real life changer. I suffer with chronic back pain and I find the classes really help strengthen my core and relieve a lot of my pain. ...

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Natalie Mera-Pirttijarvi

Really great, small classes and the instruction is tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses, with a range of modifications for each exercise. I started coming with the aim to reduce the pain I experience from Rheumatoid Arthritis combined with hypermobility, and to try and ...

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Claire Street

This is possibly the best place to do Pilates in Manchester. Instruction is led by qualified physiotherapists so there's plenty of focus on technique, which I've found lacking in classes elsewhere. Kate Hindley's classes are particularly good - she caters for beginners, intermediate ...

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Milda Taraseviciute

My massage therapist recommended me to try Physiolates as I have a very bad posture which causes chronic back and neck pains. I spend most of my days working on my computer or being in meetings so my neck, shoulders and lower back is always ...

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