Pilates for Expectant Mothers

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Pilates is a form of exercise that helps strengthen your tummy, pelvic floor, and back muscles. Pilates encourages an overall improvement in strength, coordination, and flexibility which helps to reduce pain and instability and improve posture.  Pilates also helps to control your breathing to help encourage full relaxation-something us pregnant women always need work on.  So if you are pregnant for the first time and are looking to keep healthy/pain-free or have been pregnant previously and want to try something new this pregnancy, take a read of how Pilates could be for you!

Why should I participate in Pilates when I’m pregnant?

Good question… Well, as I mentioned above, Pilates is all about strengthening your tummy, pelvic floor and back muscles which can be massively beneficial during and after pregnancy. It is a safe form of exercise that targets common problem areas during pregnancy, to help improve function. Want to know some benefits? Here we go then…

Pilates clam exercise

Pilates balance exercise

    Controlling your breathing during Pilates                                                                                  

So overall, Pilates can be very useful during pregnancy. From preparing your body for pregnancy to helping your body return to its old figure after pregnancy, Pilates has various advantages for all of you pregnant ladies!

If you are looking to try out our pre-natal Pilates class at Physiolates or just want a little more information about what’s involved then we are always more than happy to help.

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