Top 5 Exercises for Toning/Body Shape

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Have you always wanted that perfect beach body?  Have you tried various forms of exercise and dieting without any success? With summer just around the corner many people have asked me “how can I get toned?” and “how do I get a beach body?”  The answer is simple ……….… Pilates!



Pilates is great for toning and body shape. Many of the exercises work on developing our core muscles that can help us gain a flat stomach, round bum and defined shoulders. Many celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and Pink have all expressed Pilates exercises is a way for them to stay fit, toned and ready for any red carpet event!  


Pilates can help you stand taller, feel lighter and look leaner. My top 5 exercises for toning/body shape include:


Pilates exercises




Pilates exercises for posture





So what are you waiting for? Don’t let another summer pass you by where you feel uncomfortable taking your bathing suit cover-up or shirt off; and get started with your first Pilates class today!

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