Strength (The Best Exercises)

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The Best Exercises to Improve Your Strength

There are hundreds (hopefully you’ll understand this pun by the end of these ‘best of’ posts!) of Pilates exercises that physiotherapists and instructors can choose from, and each one provides specific benefits for your mind and body. This post will list our top 5 most recommended exercises for common goals and problems that we encounter through our practice.img_8115_1

Another hugely important element in gaining and keeping a healthy body and mind is having muscles that are strong enough to do their jobs, and as with posture, Pilates is a great way to help.

1. Scissors
The muscles of our bodies very rarely work on their own. More commonly, they will work together with other muscles to achieve the desired outcome. Some muscle combination is used more commonly than others, and these are known as slings. Strengthening these slings is vital for improving our strength for day to day tasks, activities and sports. One such sling connects the muscles on the side of the stomach with the muscles on the inside of the opposite leg, and the scissors exercise is great for working on it.

2. Shoulder Bridge

As mentioned in our previous list, the shoulder bridge is a great exercise for strengthening your gluteal muscles, and so here it is again in our list of the top 5 Pilates exercises for improving your strength.

3. Swimming

Another familiar face comes in at number three on our list, and for the same reason as the shoulder bridge. It’s simply another great exercise for strengthening those all-important gluteal muscles, and so couldn’t overlook it for this list.

4. One Leg Circle

Similar to the scissors exercise but working in different, more mysterious ways, the one leg circle exercise is a great way to strengthen the muscular connection between the muscles on the side of your stomach and on the inside of your opposite leg. Like all Pilates exercises, it can be made as hard or as easy as needs to be to provide you with an appropriate challenge.

5. Side Kick

The side kick is a great exercise for targeting and strengthening the very back of the muscle that sits at the side of your bottom, which is really important for looking after your hips, knees and ankles.

That concludes part 1 of our ‘best of’ lists, stay tuned for part 2, where we’ll cover the best Pilates exercises for improving your flexibility and your stability.IMG_3610

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