Pilates for the Office Worker

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Do you work 9-5 (or even longer!) behind a computer?  Do you find after a long day’s work you have sore shoulders, tight muscles and a heavy neck?  Has posture been something you have struggled with at work for years?

Pilates may be just what you need to help rid of those aches and pains and strengthen your postural muscles!

The Pilates method focuses on exercises done with a stable neutral spine. It helps build mind-body awareness and recognise incorrect patterns of movement. It activates your deep core muscles to keep your low back stable while targeting your deep neck flexors and mid back.

Are you office based? Below are the best Pilates exercises for you!img_0277

  1.     Swan Dive

Is a great choice for anyone who needs to improve the stability of their neck and shoulders whilst incorporating deep core work.  Your neck won’t keep itself up, you need those deep neck flexors!

  1.  Breast Stroke Prep

Yet another great exercise to help with the strength and stability of your postural muscles!  The Breaststroke helps open up your chest while strengthening your upper back muscles and deep neck flexors, all things you need when sitting upright for 8 hours!

  1.       Arm Openings

The arm opening exercise is not only great for improving your flexibility, it’s also great for improving the stability of your shoulder blades and your mid back, an area which is hugely important if you want to steer clear of shoulder, neck and back problems, which aren’t much fun to have!

  1.       Shoulder Bridge

Two key areas that really benefit from stability exercises are the front of your hips and the back of your pelvis. Our star of the show, the shoulder bridge, is the best one for the job, challenging you to maintain the stability of these key areas by activating the core and glutes whilst you perform the exercise.  With a strong core and back, you can protect your spine from future aches and pains!


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