Benefits of a Pilates Class

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img_8018-minHaving a weekly or biweekly class can help keep you on track and motivate you to stay there.  It is so easy to say “I’ll go tomorrow” when going to the gym.  Or “I’m just too tired today”.  But when you are part of a class that looks forward to your attendance each week and an instructor that knows you by name, it keeps you motivated to keep your health and wellbeing a priority.


img_9406There is nothing like walking into a gym or a class and having 10 of your closest friends awaiting you.  It makes working out enjoyable and more rewarding.  It pushes you to levels that you may not have pushed yourself if you were doing it on your own.

Small Class sizes:

img_7973No class is larger than 10 attendees, making the classes intimate and the instructor readily available for any help and/or questions you may have.  It is also beneficial to listen to others questions as someone may ask something that you may be interested in knowing the answer to, but might not have thought of asking.


LungesA class of all different levels, backgrounds, ages and body shapes helps build up your confidence.  It makes you feel that you’re not alone, that actually some of the exercises not only challenge you, but challenge most of the class and that pilates is truly for everyone!



advanced-classes-image-twoBeing a part of a class encourages you to become accountable for your health and sticking with your exercises even at home!  Something we should all being doing a little more of

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